photo by Joey Wharton

Landon Elliott


Dean Christesen

Landon Elliott is an old spirit, and it shows in his voice. His tunes tell stories about a way of life and what happens when you break away from it, and his singing hits you in the gut. If he makes you reconsider your own world-view, he’ll be happy: the reason he makes music is to let people know he’s in their corner. Elliott is a singer-songwriter and guitarist who grew up in one of America’s most beautiful but culturally conservative places and was urged to pursue a religious path. His move to Richmond, VA, led to a re-examining of his faith. He poured his uncertainty into music and began writing songs to reckon with himself, his relationships, and “the weird upheaval” that’s divided America in the last few years. “There’s a dialogue in our world right now, a progression,” he concludes. “It’s about whether you’re going to create a wall or a door.” Needless to say, he’s opting for a door.